Mental capacity key themes

Read my blog on mental capacity which discusses key areas which can make these assessments particularly challenging work for social workers and practitioners completing these. Decision and Time Specific Mental capacity assessments are decision and time specific however, it can... Read More

Mental capacity a discussion on how to assess

Read my blog to gain some tips on how to practically assess mental capacity. Medical Model When defining relevant questions, a flexible conversational approach is recommended as there is no one size fits all. When a person is sitting in... Read More

Mental capacity assessments are tough

Read my blog for help on this very subjective area of work. Assessing someone’s mental capacity is not an easy task. Social workers complete mental capacity assessments in a multi-tasked way. They are expected to manage a conversation with the... Read More

More Mental Capacity Assessment Tips

Mental Capacity Assessment- tips • It is crucial that the practitioner clearly identifies what decision needs to be made, otherwise the exercise will be pointless • Saying that someone lacks capacity is meaningless. It is about assessing a specific decision... Read More

Mental Capacity 10 Tips

Mental Capacity- 10 Tips To support social workers when completing mental capacity assessments, I have devised a succinct ‘Tips Sheet’ including possible questions and prompts to consider as a starting point in preparation for the completion of a mental capacity... Read More

Mental Capacity Practical Support

Mental Capacity – a practical discussion In a previous social care job, working for a local authority, I was heavily involved in the preparation and introduction of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to ensure that social care staff understood their... Read More

Social Work England Renewal handy form

Social Work England Form Template to record Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Type of CPD drop down box selection • On the job experience • Learning from a case • Self-directed learning (eg. Listening to a podcast or reading a journal... Read More

Practice Teaching Tips and Tools 1

I qualified as a Practice Educator in 2003 and have developed my social work practice in this area over the years to ensure I am providing social work students with a good service, so they can get the most out... Read More