Separate Ways

A Divorce/Separation and Childcare Dispute Support Service
Support and advice to help people cope with separation/divorce and or child care disputes

Separate Ways is a helpful service for those experiencing a stressful divorce or child custody disagreement. It provides valuable assistance in navigating the process of separating, including property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. By using Separate Ways, individuals can also access a range of resources and guidance on how to communicate effectively, negotiate a fair settlement and cope with emotional challenges. Whether just starting the process or struggling, Separate Ways offers support and insights to move forward confidently.

This is how Separate Ways can help you


Support groups for women only and men only to meet other individuals in similar situations and share experiences. These groups provide support and advice to individuals to help them survive and optimise their wellbeing.


I work with individuals to help them discuss their personal situation, consider their options, and positively move forward. I help individuals work positively with other agencies such as the police, social services, and education.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

I help to maximise an individual’s health and wellbeing during a time of great emotional turmoil and stress.

Sign Posting

Using my wealth of social work knowledge I can effectively sign post individuals to relevant support services.

Child’s perspective

I help individuals see things from a child’s perspective.


I prepare individuals for mediation sessions to help them get the best out of these and offer debriefing sessions post mediation which are crucial to process and reflect on each session.
"I am committed to challenging social injustice and promoting social change for individuals, their children, and families involved in a separation or childcare dispute"
Susan Dyball

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Why Should you contact me?

I have lived experience of an acrimonious divorce and childcare dispute and parental alienation. This personal experience enables me to fully empathise with others and offer practical support and advice to help maximise wellbeing during a time of extreme emotional turmoil and stress, whilst also offering help to minimise the emotional and financial costs for all concerned. 

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