Case Study 3 – Independent Social Work

Case of Mr C

In this blog the following example illustrates the independent social work support that I have previously provided to a private client.

Mr C was caring for his elderly mother who lived at home but was becoming increasingly more dependent due to her physical and mental health needs.

One night Mr C’s mother was admitted to hospital because she experienced a fall due to suffering a stroke.  Upon hearing her screams, neighbours alerted emergency services.

Mr C contacted me because he had reached breaking point and did not know what to do.

Independent Social Work Support Provided:

  • I visited Mr C and provided immediate advice and support to alleviate his stress and anxiety
  • I was able to explain NHS and social care processes which Mr C and his mother were likely to experience which helped him prepare for these and reduce his stress and anxiety levels
  • I sign posted Mr C to available carer support services
  • I provided Mr C with ongoing reassurance and emotional support to help him cope with his mothers’ deteriorating physical and mental health and increasing dependency
  • I was able to continue to offer Mr C support to help him understand social care matters as his mother was eventually placed in a care home to meet her needs
  • I was able to explain letters to Mr C and complete necessary paperwork on his behalf
  • I was able to provide a listening ear to Mr C and help him express his feelings and views during a particularly stressful time. This enabled Mr C to optimise his wellbeing at a time when his mother needed his support to settle into her new care home environment


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