Case Study 1 – Independent Social Work

Case of Mr B

In this blog the following example illustrates the independent social work support that I have previously provided to a private client.

Mr B was 19 years of age and had experienced a serious industrial accident whilst at work resulting in a severe leg injury.  This injury prevented Mr B from mobilising without aids and was having a negative impact on his mental health because he was isolated and at home for long periods alone.  Mr B’s parents and sibling all worked full time and due to this were limited in the support they could provide.

Mr B’s mother contacted me because she felt at the end of her tether and didn’t know where to turn for support for her son.

Independent Social Work Support Provided:

  • I supported Mr B to make an official complaint to his local social service department because he had been poorly advised and supported when he was initially discharged from hospital following his industrial accident
  • I signposted Mr B to a free counselling support service which could offer specialist input relating to his injuries and pain
  • I signposted Mr B to a social care navigation service which could advise and support him to access social activities of interest in his local area. I accompanied Mr B to his first appointment to provide emotional support and transport
  • I advised and supported Mr B to request a review of his equipment in the home from Occupational Therapy services because his needs had changed over time and other equipment may have been more appropriate
  • I advised Mr B to liaise with his employers to access private physiotherapy services because NHS physiotherapy was severely limited. This was later sourced and paid for weekly by his employers to improve his physical health recovery
  • I researched possible benefits on Mr B’s behalf and discovered he was eligible for a personal independent payment, car tax emption and industrial injuries disablement benefit. I competed all necessary application forms for these benefits and Mr B later received them all in full.
  • Mr B was unable to drive due to his injury and I was able to provide transport and emotional support to enable him to access all necessary appointments including for a GP health review and hospital consultant appointments
  • I was able advise Mr B’s mother about carer support services and her right to request a carers assessment in her own right. Mrs B was also eligible to receive


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