Student Social Work Toolkit

Student Social Worker

Do you want to meet the essential requirements to qualify as a social worker and get the most out of your placement experience?

A package of essential practical support for student social workers to enable them to prepare and get the most out of their social work placement experiences in Adult Care.  The ‘Toolkit Package’ is delivered at a minimum of five 1 ½ hour sessions to a minimum of 8 people to a maximum of 15 people.

There are two compulsory sessions followed by a group choice of three of the Professional Capability interactive sessions.  Individual sessions can be purchased on request.

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Student Social Worker Toolkit Highlights:

Pre-Placement Preparation

Supervision and Direct Observation Model

Reflection Forms

Service User/Carer and Professional Feedback Forms

A Wide Range of Practical Learning Tools Designed for Each Area of the Performance Capability Framework 1-9

Benefits of Student Social Work Toolkit:

  • The Student Social Worker Toolkit support the delivery of a high quality social work placement experience by supporting Practice Educators and Student Social Workers, providing essential materials, tips and tools to help meet the Professional Capability Framework (PCF) areas 1-9
  • The Student Social Worker Toolkit is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Student Social Workers in Adult Care to enable them to prepare for their placement and learn essential skills and knowledge to be job ready once they qualify, in order to enter the workplace and practice to an acceptable standard

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