Social Work Training and Learning

Do you want to develop your knowledge and skills to continuously improve your professional practice?

“I was impressed by Susan’s knowledge, particularly relating to adult-based social work, and a range of subjects she could deliver online and in person”.

– University Senior Lecturer

“Susan provided me with numerous documents to help me within placement, my portfolio, presentations, supervision, and observations”.

– Student Social Worker

“Thank you for all of your help and guidance, you have made this crazy time a much calmer and clearer journey for me.”

– Student Social Worker

Benefits of the training and learning materials

  • I have designed a range of topical training and learning
    material based on my own extensive professional social work experience suitable for social workers, student social workers and social care staff
  • I can provide and deliver bespoke training and learning material
  • The training and learning materials include use of real-life anonymised case examples to help other social care staff, social workers and students learn and develop their skills in a meaningful practical way
  • My training provides an opportunity for social work practitioners to engage in reciprocal learning through the sharing of experiences with participants
  • I promote good practice and provide essential practical tips and tools for social care staff to utilise in their daily work, with a view to raise standards of practice and improve outcomes for service users and carers
  • I offer training sessions on topical social care issues, relevant to frontline practice, providing an opportunity to embed reflective practice and meet Social Work England continuous professional development requirements
  • My sessions enable social care staff, social workers, and student social workers to discuss and reflect on casework with the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise and gain peer support
  • The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) toolkit supports newly qualified social workers to excel in their role and meet the necessary requirements to continue to practice as a qualified social worker
  • The Student Social Worker Toolkit is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Student Social Workers to enable them to prepare for their placement and learn essential skills and knowledge to be job ready once they qualify, in order to enter the workplace and practice to an acceptable standard
  • The Practice Educator Toolkit provides essential practical support for Practice Educators to enable them to confidently prepare, assess and support a student social worker

Why you should contact me:

  • I have Principal Social Work experience promoting good practice and providing tips and tools for staff to utilise in their daily work, with a view to raise standards of practice and improve outcomes for service users and carers.
  • I have experience of being part of a Social Work Teaching Partnership
  • I have worked for several university social work departments