Independent Social Work Advice

Do you need some independent social work advice and support from someone who understands social care systems and processes?

  • Are you struggling with a social care matter and don’t know where to turn?
  • Do you feel like you are being unsupported and left to struggle on?
  • Would you like more support than social services can provide or interested in gaining an independent social work opinion?
  • Are you unclear of social care systems and processes?

Benefits to Customers in the Community:

  • Support to understand social care systems and processes
  • Support to access available services and funding
  • Identify and maximise access to social care monetary benefits
  • Recognition and support to address gaps in services
  • Support to address poor practice and provide a second opinion
  • Help to reduce the stress and distress that a social care matter can generate
  • Advocating and supporting people to get the best out of social care systems
  • Help to support people to plan for their future needs or that of a loved one
  • To provide advice and support to self-funding people and/or their carers

Why you should contact me:

  • I have decades of social work experience, knowledge and skills
  • I previously worked at the highest level of social work, as a Principal Social Worker
  • I have experience in raising standards in social care and training health and social care staff
  • I have a genuine empathetic approach to supporting others

Independent Social Work Advice Highlights:

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Welfare Rights

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Court of Protection

Mental Capacity Assessments

Continuing Healthcare

Support and Advice to Navigate Social Care and Health Systems

Form Filling/Funding Applications

Mental Health Issues

Learning Disability Issues

Physical disability Issues

Emotional Support